Living Rooms

Dining, lounge, libraries and games rooms – these spaces should allow guests to relax, unwind, gather or give solitude. There should be no dust, cobwebs or dead flies.

These spaces may contain decorative items, plants, books, games or floor cushions. The room needs to be reset for every guest.

  • Tidy & wipe clean remotes
  • Re-style cushions & throws (zips down, patterns matching)
  • Check couches free of dust and hair – vacuum or wipe as needed
    • Wet cloth on velvet style couches brings off most marks
  • Wipe fireplace or heater
  • Check for finger marks on the TV (return flat to wall if wall mounted)
  • Open blinds, make sure hanging even
  • Tidy cables, DVD’s, games, books etc
  • Vacuum rugs – remove footprints
  • Take back to rooms anything that has been moved – pillows, blankets, fans, heaters etc