Super cosy, comfortable and luxurious. That is the mood we are setting in the bedroom. This is created with beautiful styling – cushions, throws and doona covers.

People need to feel they can fall asleep without a bug walking into their ear – which means everything needs to be clean. No dust, no cobwebs, no strange sock under the bed. It is also important that sheets and doon covers are checked for marks.

Every bedroom must have:

  • Sheets (double in summer, single in winter)
  • Doona cover, pillowcases
  • Spare blanket or doona (on the bed or in the cupboard)
  • Cushions and throws
  • Towels ONLY if no space in the bathroom
  • Wipe with a damp cloth bed heads and bedside tables
  • Make beds with two sheets and doona covers. Use hospital corners on beds (see video below) and tuck in doona covers
    • Single beds have a bottom sheet only
    • Bunk beds have a bottom sheet and the doona folded at the end of the bed
  • Check under the bed & bedside drawers is clear of rubbish
  • Check valances are hanging nicely, cushions plump & placed correctly, power cords are out of site.
  • Check robes to ensure tidy and spare blankets folded neatly, all seams hidden.
  • Check there are linen packs (single sheet, towel, facewasher, single doona covered) for all rollaway beds.
  • IF LEAVING TOWELS IN THE BEDROOM Towels folded as per the video below, place one on top of the other on the corner of the bed