Training: Housekeeping

Cleanliness & Presentation

The Flairbnb 5-star Standard is ensuring guests have perfect experiences – from first impressions to the bottom drawer!

The longer people stay the more they see – a housekeeper’s ability to see the details is paramount.

Quality housekeepers are the backbone of Flairbnb services.

The course


5-star properties

Review the course and then use this quick guide to jump straight to the sections you need, now and into the future.

Flairbnb 5-Star Standard

To view the standard visit here

What does the 5-Star Standard look like?

Achieving the Flairbnb 5-Star Standard means having an eye for attention to detail.

It is going the extra mile, beyond cleanliness, to ensure guests walk into a property they’ll remember.

The best way to check this is to finish and then walk through the property looking through the eyes of a guest.

Examples of our 5-Star Standard in practice

  • Beds made with straight edges, and free of lumps
  • Consumables fully stocked
  • Cushions plumped and displayed with zips down
  • All cupboards clean and tidy with labels of bottles facing forward
  • Cups and glasses lined up neatly
  • Towels folded so all seams are hidden and facing away from eye line
  • No tags showing on linen or towels
  • Pillows neatly touching with openings facing the centre of the bed
  • Blankets folded neatly with no seams/tags showing
  • Power cords hidden
  • House plants regularly hosed or showered to remove dust
  • Chairs tucked in neatly and evenly
  • Blinds fully raised and even, except in extreme hot weather
  • Bedside lamps angled to match each other
  • Taps polished and lined up
  • Straightened pictures
  • No cobwebs anywhere, including outside windows and doors
  • Toilet seat down, door closed, new roll, spares on holder with joins hidden
  • Letterbox emptied
  • No dog poo in garden or smudges on doors
  • Outdoor furniture cleaned, tables wiped
  • All rooms photographed
  • Keys in the lockbox
Housekeeper Expectations

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors for a Flairbnb property, which makes your role as cleaner one of the most important in our business.

You will be in the houses more regularly than anyone, you will see how guests leave the property, you will see breakages and you will see improvements that could be made. You are responsible for leaving properties guest ready – with everything they need and styled to our requirements.

All of this is important to the success of guests’ experiences.

As you will see by the 5-Star Standard our core values are: trustworthy, quality, generous

And we have very specific outcomes for our core customers – both property owners and guests. Your role is operational within Flairbnb with a main focus on looking after guest experiences.

Download this handy housekeeping check-list 


Flairbnb’s is powered by Hostaway. This is the software we use to manage the business, including tasking all of our contractors (and you).


As a new cleaner to Flairbnb you will need to:

  • Complete the agreement form – found here
    • Ensure you have an ABN and an invoice template
    • To apply for an abn follow this link
  • Set-up your Hostaway account (you will receive a link to activate)
  • Read through this course
  • Purchase your cleaning kit
Task Management & Getting Paid

All bookings are managed through the Hostaway platform, which you have access to.

You can view the calendar to see future bookings for the properties you are connected to and also booking details for each booking.

The main section you will use is the tasks. Here is what will happen when we take a booking:

  1. You will receive an email notification about the new task. It is already accepted for you. Make sure your notifications are set up so you see late bookings. If you can’t do the booking then move it back to  to-do.
  2. When you arrive at the property to start the clean click start task. There is a checklist in the task to follow as well as a link to this document. 
  3. When you have finished the clean click finish task. This MUST be done by 2pm.

Payment is made based on this schedule

Invoices should be sent to: [email protected]

Check Out Cleans
  • Parties / rules not adhered to
  • Breakage

All of our properties need to be 100 per cent, 5-star cleaned for guests when they arrive. This is especially true during Covid times with all touch points cleaned appropriately.

The order in which you clean the property is entirely up to you (and the property), here is a general guide:

  • Open windows/doors as you walk through the house
  • Strip all bedding from beds (allow mattresses etc to air)
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean laundry
  • Clean kitchen, replace tea towel, restock items
  • Clean living areas
  • Clean bedrooms & make beds
  • Restock consumables & linen
  • Make sure all cupboards are tidy
  • Plants watered weekly, showered/hosed monthly
  • Remove all dirty linen & rubbish
  • Tidy outside
  • With a fresh set of eyes general clean inside the house
  • Close windows, doors
  • Photograph all rooms EVERY CLEAN
  • Vacuum & spray air freshener
  • Mop yourself out of the house
  • Return key to lockbox. Or if you have your own, check the guest key is there
  • Record on the JotForm any reordering, linen or maintenance issues

For the breakdown of each room scroll down

Deep Cleans

Every six months we will deep clean the property. This is conducted by various contractors and a specialised team. This will include:

  • Steam cleaning carpets, rugs and fabric couches
  • Dry cleaning all doonas & pillows
  • Window washing
  • External pressure wash of driveways, verandahs etc
  • Wash all cushion covers,  blankets and pillow and mattress protectors
  • Checking on gutters, air-conditioning/heating servicing, smoke & carbon monoxide alarm, door batteries

A deep clean is usually about six hours and focuses on areas beyond a standard clean. 

  • Demould showers
  • Empty and wipe out all cupboards and drawers. Decluter and clean everything before returning
  • Cobweb brush all rooms
  • Vacuum/mop under furniture
  • Clean out fridges and freezers
  • Clean filters in reverse cycle air conditioning units
  • Clean oven
  • Remove & clean extractor fan covers in bathroom and kitchen
  • Clean inside of dishwasher
  • Clean inside of washing machine
  • Empty lint filters in dryers
  • Skirtings, window sills and door tracks
  • High-traffic walls 
    Linen Management


    All Flairbnb managed properties use linen hired from Gouge. This includes:

    • Sheets (top and bottom – all flat)
    • Doona covers
    • Pillow cases
    • Bath sheets
    • Hand towels
    • Facewashers
    • Bath mats
    • Tea towels

    Linen is supplied from:
    Surf Coast / Geelong – Gouge
    Ballarat (excluding Lascelles): Gouge
    Lascelles: Ballarat Laundry
    Ararat: Pinnacle Laundry

    Linen & consumables storage:
    Surf Coast – Torquay depot
    Geelong – Geelong depot
    Ballarat & Ararat – Onsite

    Under no circumstance should the linen be washed. It will result in us losing the linen contract. 

    Dirty linen drop-off:
    Surf Coast – Torquay depot
    Geelong – Geelong depot
    Ballarat (excluding Lascelles): Jordy Pl
    Lascelles: Leave in outside cupboard
    Ararat: Pinnacle Laundry

    A order form must be completed at the end of each clean, including stating how many beds/towels were used. This will enable accurate ordering.

    Linen depots

    Torquay Linen Depot access: 

    Store N More, 6/8 Castles Drive, Torquay

    Access code: *283228#

    Drive all the way around to the last door on left. Unit 28 is inside. Code: 000. Camping lantern on bench for lighting, or plug extension lead into hallway powerpoint.

    Ballarat linen depot access:

    12 Jordy Place, Brown Hill

    Garage to  the left of unit is storage. Lock box on the NBN box has the remote. Code 3350


    Flairbnb provides all of the items for guests to use in our properties. These are outlined on the supplied order forms.

    You can submit the order form for new consumables at any time. Deliveries will be within the week – if we have stock available.


    One of our key areas is properties which are maintained to a high standard. We rely heavily on our cleaners to identify any issues you see while at the property.

    Flairbnb has a dedicated handyman who maintains our properties.

    Some maintenance requests need to be approved by the owners and there is a process to manage this.

    Maintenance issues should be requested through the Form.


    Everybody is busy and we aim for effeciency within Flairbnb. So please follow this communication protocol:

    If what you need to tell us affects bookings in the next 24 hours then please text or call the relevant property manager.

    For any other linen needs, maintenance issues or ordering please use the Form.

    If you have questions in regards to scheduling your cleans then please contact the property manager or decline the task in Hostaway.

    Quick links

    When you are just needing a prompt to find a document here is where you will find it!

    Request formOperations Manual

    the details

    Room by room cleaning guides

    Click on the image below to be taken to the training on each room

    Property Styling

    Cosy minimal

    Calm. Luxury. Comfort.

    Creating the style

    Styling properties for guests

    Owners are provided with this style guide in which to make their choices on styling items for their property. This includes cushions, throws, plants, artwork and decorative items.


    Cushions needs to be plumped at each clean and then placed back in the following way:

    L-shaped couches – 2 at one end and 3 in the corner (can be mixed sizes)
    2 seater couches – 2 large cushions sitting upright or 3-5 smaller cushions
    3 seater couches – 2 large cushions sitting upright or 2 smaller cushions in each corner. Larger coaches can have a cushion in the middle also.

    In winter leaving a throw is a great idea to help people get cosy! These can be draped over the arm of the couch.


    Cushions make beds more cosy and luxurious. But too many can be an absolute nightmare!

    The basic 2 pillows should always be put double decker style (that is lying down on top of each other).

    Single beds: 1 medium sized cushion
    Double beds: 2 medium sized cushions and a smaller one (2 rows)
    Queen beds: 2 large, 2-4 medium sized cushions, 1-2 smaller cushions (3 rows)
    King beds: 2-3 large, 4 medium sized, 2 smaller cushions (3 rows)

    Doona covers should be folded down to the last row of cushions.

    Throws / blankets to be placed mid-way from the doona fold to the end of the bed.

    Kitchen benches

    There should be nothing left on the kitchen bench. The exception being knife blocks & coffee machines.

    Island benches should be left completly bare (including no bowls/decorations etc).

    Styling items can be used to hide power points in a kitchen – but not if it leaves no space for food preperation.


    A well styled coffee table will make a lounge room – however there also needs to be room for guests to put things on them. Make sure you clean under any items left on coffee tables.

    A table with no centrepiece is empty. Make sure you clean under or return any styling item.


    Owners are asked to use our style guide to purchase items for their property. We ask them to carefully consider:
    Achieving our overall goal of calm, luxury and comfort
    Using contemporary colour palettes
    Easy to clean items

    If you have any suggestions on how to improve the styling in the properties please make a note. Or if you are finding guests are constantly moving the same piece of furniture – or discarding a styling item (ie those cushions keep getting stashed in the cupboard) then please let us know.